A personal assistance, do you know what you are missing out on?


UK scientists have done research to find out how much time people spend, on average, dealing with everyday personal problems or challenges. According to a survey, people spend on phone calls, setting up appointments, making reservations and service calls five years of their lifetime (www.dailymail.co.uk, 20115). So, close your eyes for a moment and answer:

  • Are you spending time on matters that would you prefer being done by other people?
  • Are you craving for more free time?
  • Are you ready to give your worries to somebody else?

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The Birth of “VIP” 


The word “VIP” has been used among various people and utilize by many institutions on the daily bases to portray a person who is accorded special privileges due to his or her status such as celebrities, heads of state, high rollers, politicians, high-level corporate officers, wealthy individuals, or any other person who receives special treatment for some reason or importance and The initials “VIP” stands for “very important person” has been cited in print in British publications since at least 1933, however not many people know the root of the word was given birth in Russia.


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